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Adhesive Tape

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● Applications

 - Shielding protection of battery

 - Insulation winding, wrap fixation

 - spraying protection,

 - Various insulation windings in electronic

 - Insulation protection for ceramic heating element.

 - Phase insulation in motors

 - Binding and bonding of various special shape insulators

- Low VOC adhesive tape for automobile interior

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● Parameter

Item Backing materials + Adhesives
Polyimide tape PI film + Acrylic or silicone
Polyester tape PET film + Acrylic or silicone
PPS tape  PPS film + Acrylic
Nomex ( Aramid )paper tape Nomex ( Aramid ) paper + Acrylic
Glass cloth tape Glass cloth + Silicone or acrylic
DM tape PET film / PET non-woven + Acrylic
Ultra-thick tape Ultra-thick flexible substrate + Acrylic
Low VOC double side tape PET non-woven + Acrylic
Black polyester tape Black PET film + Acrylic
Ultra-thin masking /transparent tape Black / Clear PET film + Acrylic +Release film

Protection Film

● Application

 - As the process protection for die-cutting of foam,diffusion film, graphite sheet, etc. and delivery protection - spraying protection

- High temperature exhaust.

● Parameter

Item Backing materials + Adhesives  
Polyester protection film PET film + Silicone + Release film
Polyester protection film PET film + PU + Release film
Polyester protection film PET film + Acrylic + Release film
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