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And Safety New Material Solutions

Insulation Material

Mainly applied in fields, like power generation equipment, electrical motors, house appliances, compressors, electronic equipment, ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, smart grid, new energy, rail transit, 5G communications and many other fields  

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Optoelectronic Material

The films we offered are mainly applied to areas like OCA, POL, MLCC, BEF, diffusion film, window film, releasing and protection film.

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Functional Material

The chips we offered are mainly applied to areas like FR fabrics, home textiles, rail transits, vehicle interiors. PVB interlayer is used in the applications of rail traffic windshield, automobile windshield, building safety laminated glass, film cell, double glazing panel, building integration and other industries.

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Electronic Material

The products are widely used in power generation equipment, UHV power transmission and transformation smart grid, new energy, rail transit, 5G communication and many other fields.

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Tires & Rubbers

This series of products are mainly used in tires, conveyor belts, wires, cables, adhesives, window sealing strips, and other rubber products, as well as casting industry to prepare coated sand.

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