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  • Application of Insulation Material in Power Transformers and Reactors

    The life of Power Transformers & Reactor depends on the life of Insulation. The solid Insulation in liquid immersed Power Transformers and Reactors is cellulose based material . It is still the best and the most cost effective insulation. These materials are glued using phenolic resin , epox...
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  • Application of Insulation Materials in SVG

    Carbon neutrality have become the main theme of 21st century, and new energy has gradually become the main source of electricity in countries around the world. SVG plays an irreplaceable role in the field of new energy power generation. Due to the severe fluctuation of new energy power generation...
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  • Anti-dripping Flame Retardant Polyester

    In many industries, such as chemical industry, electric power, petroleum, machinery, mining, transportation, sanitation, construction and other places, the staff generally need to wear flame retardant uniforms for the needs of the scene. There are various kinds of flame retardant fabrics for work...
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  • EMT coating material in Foam Industry

        The main functions of the foam products are cushioning, insulation, noise reduction and shading. Foam products are widely used in various industries, such as: ● Automotive industry: Bumper anti-collision material, Battery Uchimura , Seat padding ● Public transportation: Acoustic panels, Gaske...
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  • EMT Insulation Material in Molding Machines

    EMT Insulation Material in Molding Machines

    Since 1966, EM Technology has been committed to research and development of insulation materials. 56 years cultivation in the industry, a huge scientific research system has been formed, more than 30 kinds of new insulation materials have been developed, serving the electric power, machinery, pet...
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  • U-2 flies last optical strip camera mission, but Dragon Girl pilots will retain knowledge and skills in using sensors

    The Air Force’s high-altitude, all-weather reconnaissance aircraft, the U-2 Dragon Lady, recently flew its last optical strip camera mission at Bill Air Force Base. As 2nd explained.Lieutenant Hailey M. Toledo, 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs, in the article “End of an Era: U-2...
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  • Optical communication equipment makers see data center applications boost 2H22 shipments

    Most Taiwanese optical communication equipment manufacturers focus more on data center applications than 5G base station applications, reporting a significant improvement in revenue in the first half of the year, and is expected to perform better in the second half… Some subscribers like to save ...
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    At the end of 2018y, EMT issued an announcement on the investment and construction of an optical grade polyester base film project with an annual output of 20,000 tons of OLED display technology through its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu EMT, with a total investment of 350 million yuan. After 4 ...
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  • BMI resin products

    BMI resin products

    Sichuan EM Technology Co., Ltd. ( EMT ) is a professional global material manufacturer, committed to introducing safe and eco-friendly material solutions to create a better quality of life for society. Our insulation film, optical film, mica tape, resin and other products widely serve UHV power, ...
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  • CG protective film

    CG protective film

    Structure   Technical parameter Items Unit Standard value Typical values Test method Thickness of application layer µm 60±5 60±5 61 GB/T 7125 GB/T 7125 Peeling force gf/25mm gf/25mm 4±3 4±3 3.5 GB/T 2792 GB/T 2792 Surface resistance Ω/□ Ω/□ 1*10...
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  • Copper Foil Tape DFTAT31A13-3515

    Copper Foil Tape DFTAT31A13-3515

    Description It adopts copper foil as the base material and is coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation properties. Character • High adhesion and good temperature resistance. • Excellent electrical ...
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  • We offer electric insulation film to EV power battery with following applications

    We offer electric insulation film to EV power battery with following applications

    -Battery pack cladding -Battery inter-module cladding -Gaskets on battery cell Features of Insulation Film -Polypropylene Film *Halogen-free * High Dielectric Breakdown Strength *UL94 listed *RTI 120 ℃, maintains splendid physical & mechanical properties *Repeated foldable to fabricate into ...
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